Run the Race

Run the race with all your might,
Keep your eyes on the light of my face.

I heard this song by Dennis Jernigan for the first time many years ago while a student of law at Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Law College, Karnataka, India and it changed my life. It encourages us to keep our eyes on the price and no matter how long and winding the road may be, our focus will ensure we hit the finish line.

Over the years, i have met many acquaintances and made many friends; one thing that has struck me is the fact that many had big dreams but few have achieved them. Many fell on the way side, others got distracted and abandoned their quest, and few, a handful, made it to the end……..

I have learnt: your path may take you through rugged mountainous country and overpasses so perilous that few would dare to tread. But as long as you keep your eyes on the price, you will make it to the finish line. I promise….


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