My car has been my prayer closet for years now. I have made it a habit to make that short or long drive to work a moment of communion with my Father. Something about the endless sky and the horizon connects with my spirit in a way that can only my heart understands.

This morning was no different. After I dropped off our first, I hit the road to work and as I made my way, my heart was pondering on a situation that has been the focus of my prayer for years and today, especially today, I was at the “What next?” stage. As i lifted my heart to the Father, I heard him whisper a single word in the depth of my spirit – “Surrender”.

As I paused to consider the instruction, I realized more than ever before just how powerful the posture of surrender is.

  1. You only surrender to one who wields greater power or authority over you.
  2. Once you surrender, the responsibility for your life or death, success or failure lies entirely in the hands of the one to whom you have surrendered.
  3. Having relinquished control, you are completely at the mercy of your captor. And whatever he bids you must do. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

For once, I did not fight the instruction (being helpless or losing control is not my default so…it’s an area of growth). Instead, I was relieved. I knew at that moment my “What next” situation was no longer my responsibility. It’s outcome is no longer mine to worry about. Neither would I, going forward, required to develop and implement any plan to deal with it. All I have to do, ney… NEED to do, is to surrender it and myself to Him and follow his direction.

What’s that your carrying on your heart, shoulder, arms?

Surrender. Let him take you and it captive. He’ll work it out. I promise.

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